Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Fish Story

The girls and I went to my parents place in Hamilton for a few days! We always love to go and spend a few days and enjoy the simplicity of small town, country life! Of course we always have to fish, and hope they will be biting when we visit (very rarely they are). Yesterday morning Addy and I decided to give it a try with some mutated grub worms from an old wood pile beside the house, and let me tell you, you will never see a grub worm that huge in your life!!!!!!! I had to put old leather gloves on before I would string that bad boy on my hook=) Well, old grubby did good and caught the biggest bass I have ever caught! I had my cork and hook in the water set deep, in hopes of snagging one of the semi tame catfish that swarm the dock on my parents tank. All you have to do is walk out to the end of the dock and they are there waiting to be fed, including old whitey, the albino, one eyed catfish=)=) I waited a while and no bite, these fish are smart! I finally started to pull up on my line and had it just slightly out of the water, when this monster leaped out, and took it! I guess he just couldn't resist "old grubby," haha! My mom's old reel wouldn't even bring it in! I had to drag him up to land, in a frantic rush! These pictures really don't do it justice!!!! It was 9 lbs 22 in! We called, just curious of what it might be to have it mounted, and were pretty shocked with the first place we called, who said it would be $350! My dad said, when you really think about it.....$350 for a lifetime of pleasure really isn't that bad, hahah, no thanks!! Needless to say, he pleasured our grace for supper that night, and even gave us left overs=)=)
Of course Addison had to give it a try later that day, and had her barbie pole all rigged up and in the water, with just an old regular worm, this time:) and caught old whitey! That little pole couldn't handle the huge catfish and her line snaped:( She was heartbroken, but didn't hesitate to get at it again! So, old whitey is swimming around with a red hook in his mouth now:)
Oh, did you notice Reese's look of shock in the above photo, I swear she will not smile for the life of me!!=)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gruene, Texas

For our anniversary we went to San Marcos for some shopping for the weekend! On Saturday we took a trip to Gruene, I wanted Shawn to see Gruene Hall, and we hoped a good band would be playing. But not this day:( A band played early afternoon, and at least we got to listen for a while, but it was fun going in all the shops and looking at all the antiques! I could have spent the whole weekend here, maybe that will be our next trip:)

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, Shawn and Addison went to ceremony at the train station in Temple, and after Shawn got to ride in a vintage Air Force plane out at the Temple Airport! He was super excited about it, and I was excited for him:) I could have taken his place, but I opted out, since I'm not a huge fan of flying, and someone had to toke the pictures right:):)