Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My List

On my list of things to do or accomplish........ send out Christmas cards!!! Easy, you say??? Well, I think I did this our first couple of years of marriage, and then just didn't do it, because of being to busy, or just forgot and it was too late. Well, this year my plan is to snap a really cute picture of the girls(in matching beanies of course) and send out photo Christmas cards!! Like these really cute cute Christmas photo cards......


I have been looking at Shutterfly, pretty much on a daily basis, trying to decide the format I want to use??? There are sooooo many great lay-outs, I just cant decide, ahhhh!! I think I have decided on this one........


After I read about the 50 free Holiday Cards giveaway, on a friends blog, I thought it was meant to be for me to send out Christmas Cards this year, and now especially from Shutterfly:):) Go to their website, register here http://bit.ly/sfly2010 and check out the 50 Free Holiday Cards Giveaway Promotion! They also have really great invitations also, which can come in handy for birthdays.....


I think I will focus on Christmas for now, I still have a few months before the birthdays roll around:):)

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